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low price HNC air cleaner

low price HNC air cleaner 1. Produce reactive oxygen 2. Improve lung function 3. Promote metabolism

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3000 Sets
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Product Description

Low price HNC air cleaner

Features and functions

Using anion purifier can restore pollutants from the atmosphere, nitrogen oxides, cigarettes and other reactive oxygen ( oxygen free radicals ), reduce excessive harm from reactive oxygen to the human body, positively charged particulates in the air without charge after the settlement, purify the air.

1. Produce reactive oxygen: DC negative pressure generated by device, emitted a large number of electrons at high speed, and the electron can not exsist long in the air, and immediately caught by the molecular oxygen (O2) in the air, form negative oxygen ions.

2. Improve lung function: Human body inhale oxygen ions, lungs can increase the absorption of 20% oxygen, while release 15% more carbon dioxide.

3. Promote metabolism: Activate the body enzymes, promote metabolism

4. Enhance disease resistance: Changes the body of response ability, activate reticuloendothelial system function, enhance the body immunity.

5. Improve sleep: Through negative ions effect, can be uplifting, improve work efficiency, and also improve sleep, a significant analgesic effect.

6. Sterilization function: Since the occurrence moments of positive and neutralization reaction, releases energy, which leads to bacteria changes and the energy transfer in the surrounding environment, resulting in bacterial death.

7. Fresh air, remove smoke and dust: Negatively charged ions floating in the air with the positively charged electrode in the smoke and dust, making it a natural deposition. Activated charcoal filter layer with efficient, powerful dispel various volatile organic gases, such as formaldehyde, benzene, etc, and various odors.

8. The protective effect: The high-voltage electrostatic and television, the computer, in front of a layer of ions to form an effective protective layer to reduce television, computer-generated high-voltage electrostatic damage to the eyes, effective in preventing myopia, while reducing dust and damage to the TV, the computer.

9. Negative ions can enhance the moisturizing hair: Negative ions can make the hair surface spread of scaly recover, so that the hair looks more shiny, and can neutralize static electricity between the hair to prevent hair split ends.

Product Features

1. Small and exquisite appearance, simple operation, the display arbitrary, 5-12V wide input, convenient and practical

2. Safety and environmental protection

3. Health, comfort

This product is equipped with highly efficient active carbon filter layer, vacuuming, remove odors, blowing rich in high concentrations of negative ions clean air for us to create a healthy, natural and comfortable living environment.

4. Energy saving, efficient

3W power consumption more than 330 hours of electricity, 10 million negative ions, efficient release, under the effect of the fan, the greater the negative ion diffusion space and more efficient.

5. A better bactericidal effect compared with the traditional negative ion generator

Produce large amounts of negative ions in the negative ion generator, while the number of positive ions than the surrounding small, medium and produce less energy. Compared to the product output increased by positive ions, positive and negative ions generated in the moment and tremendous energy, leading to its surrounding environment changes the structure of the bacteria and energy transfer, leading to bacterial death, the bactericidal effect of such positive and negative ion generator better.

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